Yoga Classes

As we Breathe, we are Yoga

Practice deeply and journey into the Art of Yoga.

Classes are taught classical Yoga style, beginning with Pranayama, exploring many types of breath energy work, and finishing the class with Savasana, rest & relaxation.

Asana is practiced with core vitality, proper feet alignment, and a neutral spine to experience the magnificence of each pose. Along with learning the structure of the poses, I will bring awareness to the attributes of the animal, plant, person or object of each pose.

We will bring our attention to the transitions of the poses which is called Vinyasa. As you explore and expand your steadiness and strength, the senses are turned inward and the mind calms and gently focuses into these rhythms.


Welcome to a Practice Deeply YOGA web cast exploration via ZOOM

Tuesday’s 10:00 am            1hr. class
1st class starts August 11, 2020

~Showing up is the greatest effort~

Not only will we practicing movement of body and breath we will be learning how to use our internet devises (ha ha). Best of all we will create our own special comfortable space to practice and retreat to!
One of the positive sides of zoom classes, is practicing at our own homes/space, you can become more focused on self and less distracted by others.

The 1st two classes will be free as we learn to get acquainted with our space and zoom program. I also want you to feel like this is a program that will benefit you.

Class Description:
We will begin the class with a moment of “tuning in” then adding a few Kundalini “Breath of Fire” movements. Each one of these movements is practiced for 1-3 min. From here we flow into deep stretches of the classic Hatha Yoga poses, and ending in Savasana (relaxation pose)

You will need:
*An account with

*  Space long and wide enough to lay on the floor in all directions, preferably with a wall

*Place for your computer or tablet

*Yoga mat

 * Strap, belt, just in case your arms are not long enough J

*Hard pillow or bolsters to sit on, possibly  for supporting a leg, shoulder etc

*Water or Tea to drink

*Tissue (for the nose when we practice breathing techniques)

 *Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing

 *Please remember turn your Phone off, mute on the computer, and door closed to furry guests~

Let’s upgrade our systems with breath-work and dynamic movement,
Your future is in your hands, your heart. Peace, Sheryl


I am available for private or zoom classes only, or you can view the video gallery.

Classes are for students new to Yoga or with a variety of Yoga experiences.

Group or Zoom classes $10.00 per person          Private classes are $35.00

If class times are impossible for you find. Download or Purchase “The Journey” DVD and  practice YOGA everywhere you go.
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