The Ancient Art of Releasing Tensions, Bringing Balance to the Whole Mind/Body


 In 1980 I  started my journey with massage therapy, wow, has this profession become more powerful in its growth and has been recognized in all medical fields as beneficial for many healing ways.

A licensed Massage Therapist in Washington State requires 22 hrs of continuing education every 2 years. Throughout the years we are educated in many of the different massage techniques and styles.

I have always said that "my fingers have eyes". My practice is a blend of classical Swedish style massage techniques, deep tissue and relaxing techniques blended for lengthening and re-educating muscles.

  • 1 hr 15 min           $80.00

  • 45 min                   $55.00




In 1980 I was led to the North Olympic School of Massage, studying under Doris Goodman who lived to be 104 yrs old. Doris is also the first person who introduced me to Yoga. I can still see Doris in Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stands), before teaching Massage classes.  

I had no idea that this would be the path the I would grow into for the next 4 decades and beyond.

Thank-You Doris Goodman...I love you!!

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