The Ancient Art of Releasing Tension and Bringing Balance to the Whole Mind-Body

Practicing Yoga through Storytelling

Storytelling is as old as the language of  humankind.  Long before there was the written word, stories were used to pass information from person to person, tribe to tribe, generation to generation.

 Stories entertained!  They were easy to remember and to tell because they are a flowing description of the human condition.           

Most importantly, stories are the glue that holds cultures together. They teach values, distinguish between right and wrong, and show people how to live.

It occurred to me one day that perhaps storytelling could add something wonderful to the practice of Yoga.
If a story was fashioned around a series of poses, it would add a level of connection to the poses that we do.
We would be participating in the telling of it through our movements, through our own breath, and it would guide us through the poses in an easy to remember sequence.

I hope that you find my YOGA LEGENDS videos helpful and entertaining as you continue your own Yoga journey.

Oceans and Mountains of Peace, Nameste, Sheryl

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